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A career in electrical services can be the answer to your dreams of job security, personal fulfillment, and success. ABC Heart of America Chapter equips you with the tools to achieve this goal while providing you with paid on the job training. Our electrician apprenticeship programs give you a competitive edge in this industry while providing the fundamentals so you can advance and grow in your electrician career.

Apprenticeship Programs for Electricians

Training and continuous learning are critical to becoming a professional and in-demand licensed electrician. If you are still taking the first steps in this career path, this is the place to apply for an electrician apprenticeship.

ABC Heart of America’s apprenticeship program offers aspiring electricians quality education and valuable training. We match talented, smart, qualified, and promising apprentices with respectable companies. Getting accepted into our electrician apprenticeship program in Kansas City can open many doors for you.

  • Design, install, and troubleshoot advanced electrical components, wiring, and control systems that power commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

  • Use logical thinking and math skills to interpret blueprints, program equipment, and layout design.

  • Utilize innovative advances such as alternative energy systems, electronic systems technology, and programmable logic controllers.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have mastered the fundamental skills of installing, repairing, testing, adjusting, and maintaining electrical equipment. You’ll be ready to work on residential, commercial, and industrial job sites. You will leave the ABC Heart of America electrical apprenticeship a qualified journeyman electrician.

Why Choose ABC?

Safety – Our partner companies, trainers, and mentors make sure their work premises and training sites are as safe and secure as they can. From introducing safety protocols and electrical codes to keeping all electrical equipment in excellent condition, all parties involved work hard to ensure your safety.

Payoffs – Skills training can be challenging, but the payoffs will be worth your every effort. Getting paid as an electrician’s apprentice, individual instruction, and beneficial introductions and networking provide the perfect starting point for your new career.

Opportunities – Our electrical program culminates with certification and entry into the American construction industry. You may even end up with a job offer from the same company that trained you.

Numerous work opportunities, up to $50,000 in annual earnings, and career longevity won’t be far off when you begin your career in the electrical trade with the ABC Heart of America chapter.


$28.63 Per Hour
Average Skilled Wage Rate

Your Destiny. Your Career. Your ABC.
The training you will receive at ABC will give you exactly what you need to start your career in the electrical field. Our proven training program and work experience will give you the best possible start in your new field. You will be qualified to work as a maintenance mechanic, boiler operator, a technician of sophisticated commercial or industrial machinery, and an electrician on any construction worksite.
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How to Get an Electrician Apprenticeship with ABC Heart of America:

Send in your application to apprentice with some of Kansas City’s premier builders and contractors. With our online application process, you can start building your career right now. Gather the following documents and have them available in JPG, PDF, or ZIP file formats.

  • 18 Years of age

  • Apprenticeship Application Packet

  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED Certificate or Transcript

  • DD214-Veteran Documentation
    (if applicable)

  • Copy of your Drivers License

Upload these requirements along with a completed online application form, and you’re done.

All submissions go to our education office. There, we screen your profile and find a suitable match given your current skill level and the qualifications you hope to earn. You can expect up to 10 working days for processing your application. If your application is accepted, we will send a welcome letter with additional instructions to complete your enrollment.

  • 18 Years of age

  • Apprenticeship Application Packet

  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED Certificate

  • Transcript

    (must have 1 year of Algebra or equivalent)

  • DD214-Vetran Documentation
    (if applicable)

  • Copy of your Drivers License

  • Two Letters of Recommendation

Having a safe workforce and job site is a vital component to a company's success. We provide safety training in addition to our craft and apprenticeship training.
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