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Missouri Moves to Reform Archaic Prevailing Wage Law

ABC has long been a supporter of repealing Davis Bacon and prevailing wage laws that are based on archaic models of construction. While the bill stops short of repealing the Prevailing Wage requirements in Missouri as we would prefer, it will make much needed improvements.
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ABC Heart of America Career Fair

Our goal is to connect members with potential students who are interested in the construction industry. With an increasing demand for skilled tradesmen, companies benefit from participating in our career fairs by educating attendees on the benefits of entering the construction industry.
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Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Standard

OSHA has been enforcing the Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Standard since September 23, 2017. This is extremely important to the health of around 2 million workers in the United States.
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2017 Excellence in Construction Awards

ABC Heart of America's Excellence in Construction Awards (EIC Awards) are given to industry leaders for exceptional performance in safety, craftsmanship, best practices and overall project management and execution.
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Implementing OSHA’s New Crane and Derricks Final Rule

The final rule put into place regarding crane and derricks operation will help keep the job site safer by preventing unnecessary injury and fatal accidents.
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