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This information on this page is being updated and will be completed by 10/18.

Please check back soon!

Looking for bidders?

Looking for companies to bid on your next construction project?

ABC Heart of America will help you find those qualified companies.

  • Preferred: Email ABC a link to your
    invitation to bid to

    Optional: Email ABC a PDF of your
    invitation to bid to

  • Preferred: Identify needed contractors
    by CSI code (Construction Specification
    Institute ).

    Optional: Provide a written description
    of the Scope of Work.

  • ABC Heart of America will post your invitation to bid on our Bid Information
    Nonmembers – $250 submission fee
    Members – Complimentary

  • ABC members only – please contact to request a list of ABC members by CSI code.

Looking to bid?

Are you a member looking for more opportunities to find work?

We can help by notifying you of opportunities to bid with owners or prime contractors.

  • Ensure your CSI codes are updated

  • Ensure the volume of work you can do is updated

  • Ensure your contact information is updated

  • All of the above information is in the ABC Heart of America Construction User’s Guide & Membership Directory. If the information is not correct you need to contact

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