Government Affairs

Government Affairs

Kansas and Missouri both convened in the beginning of January for their 2017 legislative sessions. As your voice of the merit shop construction industry, we're actively monitoring activity in Topeka and Jefferson City. Below you will find a quick listing of some bills we are supporting and watching this year.

Legislation we’re supporting:


Right to Work (HB 91) - This bill specifies that a person cannot be required to become or refrain from becoming a member of or paying dues to a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment.

  • ABC Heart of America supports the right of all individuals to work without having to join a union, or pay union dues or fees, as a condition of employment.       
  • Unions have filed initiatives to place right to work on the ballot in 2018.

PLA Reform (SB 182 & HB 126) - These bills modify provisions of law relating to project labor agreements.

  • ABC Heart of America opposes anti-competitive agreements on any construction project funded in whole or in part with state or local dollars because they drive up the cost of construction by reducing competition and effectively excluding merit shop contractors and their skilled employees from building projects paid for by their own tax dollars.
  • ABC members testified on January 18 in support of SB 182. 
  • ABC members testified on January 25 in support of HB 126.

STAR Tax Credit (HB 580) – This bill authorizes a tax credit for employing apprentices in a skilled trade.

  • This is a proactive measure to help bolster Missouri’s skilled trade workforce and would provide an incentive for employers to hire apprentices. 

Legislation we’re watching:


Prevailing Wage Repeal (HB 104) - This bill repeals provisions relating to prevailing wages on public works.

Prevailing Wage Reform (SB 29) - This bill modifies the law pertaining to prevailing wage.

Registration Requirements for Roofing Contractors (SB 216 & HB 425) - These bills create provisions relating to the registering of roofing contractors.

Statewide Electrical Licensing (SB 240) - This bill creates a statewide license for electrical contractors.

Statewide Electrical Certificate (SB 320) - This bill creates a statewide certificate for electrical contractors.

State Historic Tax Credit Cap Reduction (SB 6) - This bill reduces the annual cap for the state historic tax credit to $80 million for each fiscal year, which is $40 million less than the current limit. 


Senate Tax Plan

Record-Keeping Requirements for Contractors (HB 2201) - This bill, also known as the "taxpayer empowerment, accountability and transparency in state contracting act", creates several new reporting and record-keeping requirements for contractors and imposes cancellation for failure to comply. 

Contribution Prohibition if Entering State or Municipal Contract (SB 105)
- This bill prohibits the state or any municipality from entering into an agreement or contract with a business entity if that business has made a contribution to any state or municipal candidate within a specific time frame.

Manufactured Goods Requirement
 (SB 176) - This bill requires state agencies to use U.S.-manufactured goods in public works projects. 

Workforce Preference (SB 177) - This bill requires at least 70% of a contractor's employees reside in Kansas if the contractor enters into a state contract for a project with an annual cost of at least $100,000. 

These are just a few bills of interest currently before lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri. If you’re a member of ABC Heart of America
and would like a more comprehensive breakdown of current legislation impacting the merit shop in Kansas and Missouri, please email

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