Member Testimonials

Tim Branham / Branham Electric, Inc. - (636) 926-2001

We are members not only for the ability to network with other independent contractors, but to also join forces with many other trades to share similar day to day problems that we face with being legislated out of business and the "American Dream" of owning your own business.  There is strength in numbers and ABC impresses our company as a very progressive motivated organization that is on the offense and not simply reacting defensively to problems as they occur. 

Ryan Neighbors / Neighbors Construction Company, Inc. - (913) 422-5555

Neighbors Construction has been an ABC Member for a number of years and will continue to be a member in the future. We are members of ABC because of the ideals that ABC stands for. We believe in free enterprise, producing quality projects, and supporting our employees with quality pay and benefits. ABC protects our rights to conduct our business as we see fit without the intervention of outside influences and it promotes a high quality of conduct from its members. Neighbors Construction and The Heart of America ABC Chapter are like minded and will continue working toward common goals.

David Pacer / Trinity Planning Group, LLC - (913) 213-6001

Trinity Planning Group has been an ABC member for 10 years, and we have no intentions of ever dropping membership.  We strongly believe in the Merit Shop philosophy and enjoy watching the success of good honest hard working people build our great nation.  We find tremendous value in ABC for the benefits it provides and the networking opportunities.  Privately owned Construction Companies are full of down to earth people that enjoy doing business with other ABC members. This is truly an organization that can help not only construction companies, but associate members and suppliers as well.  We all need each other to conduct business.   That's the power of this group.  Everyone looks out for one another.