Government Affairs

Government Affairs

ABC is founded on the belief that projects and people should be rewarded based on performance, skill and achievement. We advocate for merit shop contractors at the national, state, and local levels and fight to protect the free enterprise system upon which our nation was founded.
Our work ensures that members are represented in Jefferson City, Topeka, and Washington DC, as well as in cities and counties around the country where decisions are made that impact your ability to do business and compete fairly.
We ensure members are well aware of regulations from the Department of Labor, OSHA, National Labor Relations Board, Environmental Protection Agency and more, and we fight for your right to expect reasonable regulations.

In addition to dues dollars, ABC has multiple funds that raise money to represent members needs through the legal system as well as through our federal and state PACs and issue advocacy funds.
Be sure you stay up to date on the latest issues facing the industry with the regular communications available from ABC. 
Participate in meetings with candidates for office and representatives at every level of government through your ABC membership. Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the solution by joining with like-minded members.

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Latest news from Jefferson City and Topeka

2017 Marks Historic Year for the Merit Shop as Missouri Legislature Adjourns

Kansas Legislature Adjourns After Lengthy, Contentious Session

Free Enterprise Alliance

The Free Enterprise Alliance is dedicated to education and advocacy of issues of ABC members, member company employees, and the general public.

Legislative Contacts

Want to contact Missouri legislators? 

Go to or

Click on Legislator Lookup or the appropriate House or Senate website.

For Kansas legislators, visit and navigate House and Senate pages.

Phone numbers, addresses and email links are available on both Kansas and Missouri websites.

How They Voted

See how your elected officials voted on issues of vital importance to ABC members.

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